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Delivering to timeframes
and to high quality standards

BCPM’s team has a demonstrated ability to deliver projects on-time and to strict Australian standards in Papua New Guinea. We utilize a predominantly self-delivery model that allows us to control both quality and timeframes.

01. Planning & Strategy

The BCPM team will work with you from the conception stage of your project to provide you with innovative solutions to help you meet your budgetary constraints

02. Client’s Satisfaction

We have a 100% client satisfaction rate

A competitive

Our price is always competitive but also reflective of the true cost of a high quality build in PNG. We believe in transparency and honesty in all that we do.

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in the Best Quality

BCPM prides itself on delivering all projects to high Australian standards

We Believe in Developing our Relationships

BCPM believes in investing in our relationships with our clients to ensure an ongoing business relationship. To achieve this we always meet our clients expectations, we communicate in a professional and efficient manner and we prioritise transparency and honesty with our clients.

We Believe in Our Staff

BCPM invests in our staff. We know that the key to success is treating our staff well and investing in their professional development.

We are passionate about giving back
to the citizens of Papua New Guinea.

When BCPM Limited was conceived, it was on the basis that we would be a construction company with compassion. Profit would not be our only motivator.

We invest in our staff.

We give back to the community through our profits.
We are Developing PNG Together.