Our boys work hard!

hard work, Our boys work hard!

Here at BCPM, we  are so proud of the hard working men we employ. They turn up for work with a great attitude. They have great skills already and yet, they all participate in the upskilling we provide on the job. They work so hard and get the job done to such a high standards.

The old adage of under promise and over deliver doesn’t really apply to us. Alex Simpson, our construction manager and the best boss ever,  promises we will deliver an Australian Standard home, on budget and on time and that is exactly what we do at BCPM. We are very proud of that fact as well.

Our clients love the photos we send through each week giving them an update on the progress of their house. It makes us happy to see how excited thsey get seeing their house go up.

Tune in next week to see what we are up to!